Role Of Education In Nazi Germany

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Nazi Education Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In Nazi Germany, education was one of the ways Nazis could make sure that the younger generation would be ready when it was their turn to rule. To do so, the Nazis had to make the youth believe in everything they believed in. They used the weapon of education to insure the countries glory no matter what the cost. The Nazis abused education, as a means of controlling the youth’s way of thinking and achieving their ideological goals, by the use of nationalism and anti-Semitic catechism. The Nazis used nationalism to control the minds of the youth as well as to impose their ideologies. The first indication of this is the fact that Germans made a statement that the characteristics of the Nordic race are courage, bravery, creativity and loyalty. Also, the German race is the purest race of the European people according to the book, Deutscher National-Katechismus. This evidence is relevant because it displays how the Nazis used their extreme nationalism to make the youth believe that the German race was special. By doing so, they controlled the youths’ way of thinking and, in a way, manipulated them into thinking like Nazis. Also made them feel pride or ego towards their country and race. Another good piece of evidence is that according to the book Erblehre und Rassenkunde für die Grund- und Hauptschule, the youth were taught that The Germans must fight for their

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