Role Of Electronic Media In Pakistan

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ROLE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA IN PAKISTAN 1. Information is communicated through several sources which include television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Pakistan is having a vibrant media landscape; one of the most dynamic in the South Asia. The Pakistani media reflects a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and class-divided society with a clear division between Urdu and English media. The Urdu and local language media, particularly the newspapers, are most popular amongst the general public - mostly in rural areas. The English media is at times more particular to urban population and is most of the times class-centric, hence it is more liberal and professional compared to the local language or Urdu media. Although electronic media especially television…show more content…
The role of Pakistani media can be further categorized as stated, expected, perceived and actual. According to Briggs and Burke, the stated role of the media forms a triad comprising education, information and entertainment. Although, role of media is mostly perceived (often misperceived) to be speed not accuracy, events not processes, commercialism not professionalism, glorification of violence not peace and subjectivity not objectivity. As suggested by a portion of the Pakistani society, media being the fourth pillar of the state should act and function as a mean for the government’s accountability. The media however, principally objects to this idea of being a pillar of the state. The central difference between western media and Pakistani media is the pattern of its evolution and progress. In the west, society developed, transformed and matured first and then it gradually steered the growth of the media. On the contrary, in Pakistan, the media itself has taken the lead role and is striving to help transform the state and the…show more content…
Freedom of media in Pakistan is intricate, journalists are mostly free to report, however any article critical of the sitting Government and its institutions are most of the times automatically censored. In spite of political pressure and even direct bans administered by the state and political stake holders, Pakistani media enjoys freedom of expression to a large extent. Most of the times indirect political pressure is applied on media by the government and the most commonly used tool is to cut off ‘unfriendly’ media from governmental advertising. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), a regulatory body established in 2002, is directly involved in media censorship. Publication or broadcast of content which defames or ridicules the head of state, armed forces, executive, legislative or judicial organs of the state, as well as any content deemed to be “baseless or false” can bring jail terms up to three years, fines up to 10 million rupees and even license cancellation of the offender media outlet as a worst case scenario. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has been used to silence the unwanted or aggressive broadcast media either by suspending licenses or by simply threatening to do so. PEMRA is declared to be the nontransparent entity by certain elements and is also accused to be biased towards few of the powerful media groups in

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