Role Of Engineering In Disaster Management

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Engineering & Management Responsibilities in Natural Disasters
Disaster is defined to be an event causing sudden and unexpected great loss. The field of disaster management focuses on minimizing any kind of serious risks. It involves supporting and rebuilding the society in a managerial way after manmade or natural disaster occurs. There are two ways through which engineering has been contributing towards the disaster management: by building a proper infrastructure to prevent the damage caused by disasters, settling of appropriate design and safety standards. Disaster management through engineering contribution and principles is presented in this paper. First portion of the paper will focus on engineering codes and standards and focusing on different disaster types, engineering contribution towards the solution and reduction of disaster impact will be discussed. Then conclusion from the above discussion is presented with future recommendations.
This chapter will focus on role of engineering field in disaster management. As there are several engineering fields i.e. mechanical, civil and structural, so instead of going through each one’s method to solve disaster problem, the main focus will be that how in general engineering is contributing to reduce the disaster impact. The responsibilities of the field of engineering in safeguarding the public from natural disasters are many and they vary as per their importance.
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