Role Of English In My Life

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English and My life I have a love-hate relationship with English since it was officially introduced to me in elementary school. English was my greatest enemy that though it was a compulsory, I did everything I could to escape confronting this language. Until I was forced to an inevitable situation that I had to learn it every day and I was mesmerized. Suddenly, it turned to be my greatest weapon since then that I would describe English as a part of every success in my life. I have a bad memory with English when I was in grade 4. When I heard an English word for the first time in class, it was a true hate at first sight that all my senses of learning immediately blocked this ‘strange’ language. Naturally, I would find any excuses or skip every English class. I never did any homework and invariably failed all English exams. It seemed like my English teacher knew this, and she would always target me in class by asking me to read or…show more content…
I joined many English activities at school and was always a representative to many English contests such as English skit, speech, and spelling bee or being an MC. My English has been improved a lot, and with no doubt; it has turned to be my weapon. In any situation such as competitions, exams or interviews, I am never afraid of using English, which many times bring me to success. English played another important role in my life – it broadened my world. When I was grade 9, I had an opportunity to study abroad for a year in Argentina. I made friends there at school and with other exchange students from other countries, which made me love meeting with new people as knowing people from different countries and cultures always gives many new perspectives. In other words, I now realize that English is a tool for connecting with people. Moreover, English is also my main language to access other languages like Spanish during my exchange year and French when I was in the

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