Role Of Entertainment In Fahrenheit 451

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Is/How is entertainment addictive? Can it serve the same purposes as drugs/alcohol? Are there similarities in the consequences of the addiction? Entertainment is addictive because TV shows leave you hanging so you want to watch the next episode. Also smartphones are the same way since you can talk to anyone on the internet without having to have visual contact but, that’s what Skype or facetime is for. Some forms of entertainment might be able to serve the same purposes depending upon how much time or money spent on it and what you might be willing to do in order to watch it. It is unlikely that you’ll get a high just from watching TV or being on your phone, but occasionally you might feel really excited after something amazing or unexpected during the show happens. Also, when on a smartphone you could see a great text and your whole mood could change just because of that, It’s the same going the other way around you might see something terrible. I think that there are similarities between drugs/alcohol and entertainment because drugs and alcohol can isolate you…show more content…
Phelps husband was just sent to war and she doesn’t even care about it. She just keeps saying that “ He’ll be back next week. The army said so. Quick war. Forty-eight hours they said, and everyone home.” Later she said “ I’m not worried, I’ll let Pete do all the worrying.” She giggled. “I’ll let old Pete do all the worrying. Not me I’m not worried.” (p.90-91) After that Mildred changes the subject to a five-minute romance. In other words they don’t care about what happens to their loved ones because they didn’t really love them in the first place and that they would rather have a ‘family’ that lives on the screen when they have their own family to love and to care for. As a result Montag got irritated and unplugged the TV and the women flipped out just because the ‘family’ got turned
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