Role Of Entertainment In The Society

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Entertainment: The Savior of Society In the world today, entertainment has a major impact on the lives of those who observe it. Music and art can be seen as the motivation for many of the accomplishments of the past century. Novels change the mindset of some important figures in the world. Entertainment was created as a way for the world to escape their troubles and go into a world of their own. Entertainment is one of the most influential tools to ever come to the world. The world looks to these acts as hope to aspire the people of the world to become better. So in this case, I would have to disagree with Gabler’s claim that entertainment is ruining society based on the simple case of hope. When a child goes to the movies now a days to see the new superhero film, their eyes sparkles with amazement and wonder. They see a big and strong man or women swoop and save the day from evil. A sight such as that would give the child the thought that anything in the world is possible. That is a trait we need more of in the world today. Too much do you see people stand by and make excuses of there not being anything to do to save someone or something from failing, but it is art in entertainment such as this that inspires future generations to end this. In a world filled with darkness, for a lot of people entertainment is seen as a way out of it. Music is one of the greatest gifts given to the world. An art form practiced for centuries has become one of the most important tools

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