Role Of Evil In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Literary Essay – Monster Good or Evil? When we think of a monster, we think of a big, strong, ugly, and evil thing. The monster in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is big and ugly but he is also sensitive and sweet. He feels emotions, sees the good in people, and can be good and helpful. This story centers around the conflict between the monster wanting to be good like the family he watches in the woods and also wanting to seek revenge on his maker and other humans because of the way they treat him. He especially wants his maker to feel pain because his own creator rejects him. The monster’s sole desire is to have loving, positive interactions with humans. However, the monster is unable to find anyone that will accept him. Based on the way the author portrays the monster’s behavior, he may not be the real monster in this story. The monsters begins his life being rejected by his maker. His maker is selfish and uses science to get him what he wants without regard for the consequences. The maker wants to prevent people from losing loved ones which is valiant objective. So, he sets out to be able to bring people back to life after death. He thinks he is creating or…show more content…
His actions caused evil results. The results could have been better had the maker not been so selfish and superficial. The monster could be considered evil because he kills many people, he wasn't created evil. He was a victim of the behavior of others toward him. Therefore, he was made evil by the way he was treated. The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” it quite true in this case. The monster was not born evil. He tried over and over again to get people to see past his ugliness and into his heart but no one could see it. This changed the monster into a sad and lonely monster with nothing to live for. The treatments that others subjected him to made him evil. Therefore, it is those people that are truly evil not the
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