Role Of Family In Urban Family

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ARTICLE - BUYING PATTERN IN URBAN FAMILIES In decision to buy a particular product in India many members with diverse views are involved e.g. Family, friends etc Characteristics of Indian families are changing under external factors such as medi therefore real target for marketing is not individual but family as a whole Different member have different roles which affect the decisions Family provides financial support, emotional support, families lifestyle and socialization. Family lifestyle affect consumption pattern. Family roles influence the purchase. 5 types of roles – Influence, deciders, buyer, user, initiator Also, family life cycle affects the choice of brand and purchase behavior. These are- Bachelor’s stage, newly married couple, Full nest( 1,2,3), Empty nest(1,2), solitary survivor Joint involvement mainly is found to occur in low income families – younger couples Studies on changing roles of wife and children also affect the change in the buying behavior of individuals. Following were the variables which affected the buying behavior of urban families- • Family members • Media • Roles of members in the family- Family of orientation and family of procreation • Family life cycle • Income of the family • Children age (teenager, adolescent etc)and price of the product ARTICLE - CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR The article speaks about what are the major factors or reasons which leads to purchase of a product. This is due to different behaviors shown by different
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