Fast Food In Our Society

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Fast Food Nation in Current Society People forget about how things they see everyday gives an impact on the society right now. Several reporters and authors researched about the connections between these factors and fast food and discusses about it. Fast food is something that people finds in street everyday, being part of their lives naturally but in reality causing a huge effect on the society and the people themselves. Fast food has effects on people in various ways: working, eating, and lifestyle. One of the major problems that are occurring in the current society is not about fast food itself, but about the workers of fast food firms. This problem has been increasing rapidly in the last few years, causing demos to be held by the workers…show more content…
During the demo, people were arguing and protesting to give them double the wage that they are being paid right now, which would be roughly about $15 per hour. Workers that are getting paid minimum wages are also making an argument about wanting to get more respect for the works they have done to earn their wages since it does not balance out with how much work they have done. It is probably easy to imagine how it is like to get paid on minimum wage and trying to survive people’s daily life with the very limited amount of budget. It may be enough to survive as in food wise but would not be able to spend any other money on other thing that they want to do in their leisure time or their lifestyle. On the other article, “U.S. Fast-Food Workers Protest for Higher Wages” by Julie Jargon, it has mentioned what Barack Obama had…show more content…
Since fast foods are something that people can just run by, buy it, and eat it quickly, it is popular for those who are wishing to eat but does not have a lot of time. Eating foods quickly usually does not give any advantages to its action, but in a certain study, it is preferred as time saving products. Ken McGuffin stated this in “Exposure to Fast Food Influences Our Everyday Psychology and Behavior”. In addition, those who eats fast foods usually has stronger impression on their mind to save money compared to others. At the same time, this also gives out a different meaning. There are more people eating fast foods instead of eating foods at home, which means a lot of people are eating foods that are being cooked for them, and save in various ways, such as freezing, and eating less cooked meals by their family or themselves. Fast foods can be taken in different ways by just thinking it from a different angle. It can be seen from the calorie side as in fats, it can be seen as time saving, or it can be seen as eating less homemade meals. There are many factors that meet fast foods, and there are advantages and disadvantages to the each of them. Some effects are being aimed at by the consciousness of the fast food firms but some problems are not. Those that are aimed at their customer usually get the attentions of teenagers the most. The taste of fast foods is something that teenagers and youths

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