How Does Fate Affect Romeo And Juliet

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Fate Affecting Romeo and Juliet In Romeo & Juliet, fate plays an extraordinarily compelling role throughout the story. In Shakespeare’s literature he uses foreshadowing/events that contribute to fate in the play. The duo is faced with many challenges that causes many unfortunate complications to occur in the city of Verona, which are foreshadowed to warn the reader of the outcomes in the future. The play is infamously known tragedy that concerns the ‘star-crossed lovers’, involves love vs lust, and also the role that women take on in the play, and lastly passage of time. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, fate affects many themes throughout the story. The theme Love vs Lust is one of those themes affected by fate, which lays the play out for Romeo and Juliet. In the beginning Romeo is in love with Rosline but then it all changes. When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and fate has them “falls in love” (pg 1014,line 46-49)…show more content…
The amount of situations that occur in the span of Romeo and Juliet’s life. First Romeo “falls in love” with Juliet and gets married, then he is forced to leave Verona because he killed Tybalt who also killed Mercutio, then hears news that Juliet suddenly died so he goes back to Verona (and kills Paris while visiting Juliet), and he kills himself for his true love-foreshadowed many times. Gale says,“ But he also concluded that hate was a controllable emotion and that it had ultimately caused the tragic events depicted in Romeo and Juliet.” (under Boethius and Astrology). The feud created such problems upon the families representing how fate intervening was destined, yet could’ve been broken in some possible way. Gale says,” Language can mislead and establishes at the outset of Romeo and Juliet the absurdity of wars and feuds based on simple misunderstandings.”(under
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