Role Of Food In The Elizabethan Era

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THESIS STATEMENT: During the Elizabethan era various types of foods were eaten and extensive details were added to these foods. Social classes also played a big role in what the rich or poor ate.
I. Elizabethan meals were eaten at a specific time during the day. Depending on the job, civilians ate at different a time or place.
A. People of this era usually ate three meals a day which consisted of: breakfast, dinner, and supper.
1. Breakfast was eaten right after getting up in the morning. It was normally a small meal made up of cold foods like leftovers, eggs, or bread and butter. "But since breakfast was by definition eaten early, those who did not rise early did not eat it."
2. Farmers would only go to church services on Sundays because they were usually very busy during the rest of the week, but others went daily to early services. The Noble social class did not get up early enough to eat breakfast.
3. Dinner was a mid-day meal that was eaten 11 am or 12 pm.
Farmers would take their meal with them in a bag or have it
delivered to them. Craftsmen would close up shop and go upstairs to the home area, their wife would have the meal prepared and waiting for him, laborers, and apprentices. Nobles and the Gentry 's dinner could a simple meal or the beginnings of an all-day eating event, subject to the occasion.
4. Supper was the last meal eaten at the end of the working day at 5 pm or 8 pm. Unlike dinner, supper was eaten at home around the table instead of in the
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