Role Of Friendship In Easy A

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Friendship in Easy A Friends are an important part in our lives. True friend’s stays with you through thick and thin, and always tell you the truth. I have been watching the fun and charming movie Easy A and noticed three messages about friendships. So therefore I am going to give examples on and discuss the question “What role does friendship play in Easy A?” One thing that is obvious in the movie is that Olive, the main character, always stands up for her friends and help them out. She prioritizes to help other people in vulnerable situations instead of thinking about herself and her own needs, which leads to big consequences. Olive pretends to have sex with a gay friend to help his image and her thought is that it is a one-time thing but then she gets more requests and can not say no which get her in a situation where her own image gets repulsive. You can see that she do not feel good inside. She is simply too kind. In today 's society there is so much pressure on how to look, how to look at yourself, how to behave with others and so on. And at the same time you cannot be too selfish or too fake. So what are you supposed to do? It is really important to take care of your friendships and not think too much about yourself, but you have to find a balance. Olive has a hard time finding the balance but in the end she finds it as she know how far she is allowed to go to help others. In life we lose friends, we find new ones and we find our ways back to old friends again.

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