Role Of Gandhiji In Freedom Movement

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Lesson 16
Indian wins Independence
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OBJECTIVES: (You will be able to learn about )-
 Indian National Congress and its objectives.
 The naram dal and garam dal.
 Partition of Bengal and its causes.
 Role of Gandhiji in the freedom movement.
 Non Co-operation movement
 Civil disobedience movement
 Quit India movement.
 India wins freedom.
 Let’s do
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Read the given situations and write your response to the situation as Like( If you like it ) or Dislike ( If you don’t like it).
(1) A person stops you from going to the park without giving proper reason ____________.
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He had gone to South Africa after marriage and worked there as a barrister for twenty years. In South Africa, he had his first tussle with apartheid. Once while he was traveling in a train, he was thrown out of the first class compartment despite having a ticket. This made him swear that he would do his best to erase apartheid from the face of his world. He went back to India only to find that his own country was being ruled by the British and his fellow citizens were being treated harshly by the British.
Like other great men in history, Gandhi took his time to grow and develop his techniques to ensure that his actions made an impact. He was very honest and truthful and this helped him throughout his life. One of the greatest men in the history of India is unarguably Mahatma Gandhi. The way he gave shape and character to India 's freedom struggle is worth appreciation. He sacrificed his own life for the sake of his country. Mahatma Gandhi played a pivotal role in the freedom struggle of India. His non violent ways and peaceful methods were the foundation for gaining independence from the British. He joined Indian National movement in 1919 and became the undisputed leader of Indian national movement. He followed methods like Satyagraha, Non-Cooperation, Non-Violence And Swadeshi Movement to achieve his

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