Role Of Gender In Advertising

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Today, the media is increasingly developing and TV advertisement is regarded as a powerful mean of promotion, has devastating effects on viewer’s thought. Not only serving the commercial purpose, advertising also conveys messages and information that reflect the social ideology. In other words, TV advertisement is the mirror of society, reflects real life everyday as well as the ways that people perceive everything in surrounding world. For that reason, it has become a subject of discourse which is described as “the use of language in speech and writing in order to produce meaning; language that is studied, usually in order to see how the different parts of a text are connected” (Oxford Advanced American Dictionary 8th). Gender ideology is one of popular topic which these advertisements pay more attention to explore. This essay aims to focus on how gender role is reflected in advertisements by making use of the Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to analyze three TV adverts. The question is posed that “What is CDA”. CDA needs to be understood as both a theory and a method (Chouliaraki and Fairclough 1999: 16), in that it offers “Not only a description and interpretation of discourses in social context but also offers an explanation of why and how discourses work” (Rogers 2004:2). Most critical discourse analysts often seek to show how a text could be biased towards a particular ideology. CDA pays attention to the relation between language, power and the ideologies
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