Gender Ideology In TV Advertising

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Today, the media is increasingly developing and TV advertisement is regarded as a powerful mean of promotion, has devastating effects on viewer’s thought. Not only serving the commercial purpose, advertising also conveys messages and information that reflect the social ideology. In other words, TV advertisement is the mirror of society, reflects real life everyday as well as the ways that people perceive everything in surrounding world. For that reason, it has become a subject of discourse which is described as “the use of language in speech and writing in order to produce meaning; language that is studied, usually in order to see how the different parts of a text are connected” (Oxford Advanced American Dictionary 8th). Gender ideology is…show more content…
The context happens as the same to the above adverts. Kitchen is always associated with images of women, is a glass ceiling that prevents their development. In this circumstance, a wife is not good at cooking and she wants to cook so many tasty dishes to please husband. She feels bored, therefore uses up of Miwon product to make her dishes more delicious. The wife prepares completely from the beginning to the end, in contrast, her husband does nothing to help her except enjoy the meal even when food is not delicious, he appears to be unsatisfied and irritated. Obviously, this advert is aiming at the beauty of traditional woman in the family- a person has housewifely skills and always cares for her husband and children carefully. Ideology concealing commercial advert is reflection on traditional belief about a woman’s position in society. In this advert, a woman is portrayed to be responsible for preparing meal for family members which is regards as one of the main housework. It is reckoned that traditional role of female is to stay at home and take care of family, on the contrary, a man’s role is to ensure family’s finance by going out to work and they are never supposed to accept or help women with household

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