Role Of Gender Inequality

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STEPS TO REDUCE GENDER INEQUALITY AND ROLE OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THIS REGARD Introduction: Gender inequality is basically the differentiation between two genders. Since ages there has been perception towards gender depending on their sexes, strength, capacity and capability to do certain work. Inequalities are majorly seen at commercial workplaces and home. And these inequalities are seen in almost every country. (Anon., 2012) Gender equality means the equal responsibilities, rights and opportunities of girls and boys, men and women. It does not mean that men and women are same, but the opportunities, needs and interests of both men women should be taken into consideration when diversity is recognized across different types of population. (Posso, n.d.) In this paper, we will discuss some measures which help in reducing gender inequality. Literature review: Gender inequality is the most current issue of today. There is the desperate need to reduce this issue. Different authors suggested different measures in order to reduce gender inequality. We will discuss some of them. Danna Dunn suggested some measures to reduce gender inequality. According to him, women should be provided with educational scholarships, loans, vocational training, credit and child care for scheduled group in order to improve their ability to take part in economy and to enhance their status relative to men. Gender development programs are useful for the reduction of the levels of gender
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