Role Of Gender Inequalities

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Gender inequality is basically the differentiation between two genders. Since ages there has been perception towards gender depending on their sexes, strength, capacity and capability to do certain work. Inequalities are majorly seen at commercial workplaces and home. And these inequalities are seen in almost every country. (Anon., 2012) Gender equality means the equal responsibilities, rights and opportunities of girls and boys, men and women. It does not mean that men and women are same, but the opportunities, needs and interests of both men women should be taken into consideration when diversity is recognized across different types of population.
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According to Jerry A Jacobs, gender inequality is more prominent in education than the other aspects. Women are small part of faculty and are downside in terms of reputation and rank. We need to reduce gender inequality politically, economically, culturally and historically. According to him, Problem of gender inequality needs the attention of sociologist of education. Sociology of education is the measure of how individual experiences and public institution affects education and its outcomes .He believes that educational decision making process need more attention. We should promote an input and output view of education. According to him, aspects of college experience should need to be cooperate into general account of educational inequality. Outcomes and process should be linked to access in general analysis of educational system. Many studies are available in the field of educational process, but these have not been synthesized into a general account of gender disparities. There is the need of more attention between the relationship of gender and institutional development. Educational research stresses more on individuals and give less importance to the role of institutional settings. Research that focuses on the institutional context related to gender inequality should be…show more content…
• Inequality can be reduced by raising awareness among women. Women should be aware of their rights. Awareness should be given through social media. Such Programs and seminars should be organized which give awareness regarding this issue.
• Gender equality should be promoted in school level. Children should be taught that men and women should be treated equally.
• Violence against women is very common especially in developing countries. Government should take steps in order to reduce such violence. Those who are involved in crimes like rape etc should be punished strictly.
• Women should involve in politics. There should be reserved seats for women in national assembly and senate.
• In Muslim countries this issue can be solved easily. Muslims should follow the teachings of Islam. Islam gives women honor and respect. Inhuman and cruel behavior against women is strictly forbidden.
• Investment should be done in those services that support women like in NGOS that support women.
• Women should be equipped with higher education and they should be given jobs opportunities. There should be harassment cell in every institution that punish those men who are involved in the harassment of
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