Why Are The Greek Gods Important To Humans

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Most Greek plays give an insight to the valuable relationship between gods and human beings. In the mythologies the gods were all around the people in each and every way. It was evident that they existed in almost everything that they did. The gods were extremely helpful to the mankind and helped them in very many different ways. In most cases the Greek gods have a certain amount of power that they are all willing to manipulate for their own entertainment without keeping mind the welfare or the we well-being of other people either immortal or non-immortal. Through various encounters we get to learn the true identity and the true reflection of the Greek gods. The Greek gods see too human and relate much attached to humans. Their human traits…show more content…
The emotions could either be exposed directly or indirectly depending on the intensity of the harm that some0oone was exposed to. Some of the gods had feelings and felt the urge to help in the case of such an event. Some of the instances that showed such emotions in place are the case of Calypso and Circe. When there was ship wreckage, Calypso helps Odysseus from the ship wreckage soon after the storm that was caused by Zeus after Odysseus crew killed Helios’s cattle. She earnestly tended to him and all his needs and made him love her. The author tells us that Calypso held him captive for seven years amid hopes that he will always stay there forever and become her husband. The emotions between the two became so high and knowing very well that Odysseus could not resist the goddess, hence he was bound to fail in his mission to get back home. It took the intervention of Zeus to ensure that he embarks on his mission to get back home. Calypso’s emotion evidently go overboard when she plans to keep him captive against his will even though she genuinely cares for him as she provides shelter and feeds him very well. This is according to Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones a scholar and a professor at Oxford
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