Role Of Government In Prisons

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The Government 's Role Regarding Prisons
The government is the ultimate control of all prisons. They are the people who enforce prison law, fund prisons and organize them. Operations run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons are there to ensure every prisoner, a safe environment. The constitution is there to protect prisoners rights. The overall goal of the government is too, regulate prison systems and protect inmates/ prisoners. There is always room for improvement. Recently prison reform has been debated, as people are questioning the humane treatment of prisoners, and are curious here there tax dollars are going. The constitution covers various rights regarding prisoners to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The structure of all persons are controlled by the government, they run public, private, and state prisons. They also manage the overall budget and allocate certain money to certain needed programs for prisons. The government is so important when it comes to prisons as they are protecting the people behind bars and preventing them from being a burden on society and rehabilitating them. That being said, it is essential for the government to have control of prisons and monitor the status of prisoners to ensure total wellbeing. Overall, United States prison policy must be amended and enforced on various levels to accommodate for the ultimate mental and physical well being of prisoners.
As well as systemic properties, the government also dictates prisoners rights. Prisoners
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