Role Of Government In Travel And Tourism

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2.1 Provide a power point presentation analyzing the function of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies in travel and tourism.
2.2 Make a power point presentation explaining how local and national economic policy influences the success of the travel and tourism sector.

The government of the UK contributed lot to the travel and tourism group of TUI, same it plays very vital role in this sector because it is the responsibility of the government of the country in apply the all types of policies like political policy, social policy or plans that could take the tourism sector at very high level. Behind this all it is duty of the government bodies to make the genuine facilities and
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these various government bodies are used make the government of the country informed about the activities, many plans and processes that should be executed or applied for the various development of the country. These bodies conduct various researches and development functions to maintain the country’s infrastructure. These government sponsored bodies are all set to inform the government about tourism at daily bases so that they could provide facilities them to next comfort level of tourism. The main function of the international agencies is to provide the various instructions to the government of the different country about the tourism facilities to that tourist could feel better and safe while entering in the country by this tourism sector would also developed. It also endorses the various activities and the policies for better functioning of the tourism group.

There are the rules and many regulations, some decisions that country decides to make strong economy of the country. This is consists of the various decisions of the economic field. Various fields designed by various activities of economic policies applied by the government of the country in maintaining the good infrastructure of the tourism
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It is said that within a particular country the profit ratio and success rate of the organization of tourism is totally dependent on the political parties of the country, because their strategies are fully dependent on the political policies released by the government which directly depends upon the current policies of the current politics (Fletcher, 2015). As soon as the party changes, then this directly affect the current strategies of travel and tourism group of any organization. In this political scenario different countries have different political strategies like strategies for terrorism, for war, for attacks etc this creates the instability in the country which decreases the rate of tourist and visitors, through this tourism group and organization also gets affected in the market

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