Role Of Grendel In Beowulf

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1. Hrothgar built an empire using his exceptional leadership abilities with strategy. He attempts to make a society in which he avoids as much conflict with other groups as he can. “and feast my eyes on the greatest of meadhalls, unsatisfied. His pride. The torch of kingdoms. Hart.”(46) Hrothgar was inspired for his idea of being a mighty hall by the Shaper's words. He wants his hall to be gloriously seen. “to stand forever as a sign of glory and justice of Hrothgar’s Danes.”(47) The power of the Shaper's words is shown a it was the underlying factor in Hrothgar's motivation for the successful society he pictured. Grendel has observed the actions of Hrothgar and his leadership for a long time. He witnessed first hand the successfulness of his strategies. Hrothgar acquires men from all over the land to be his loyal laborers. All the people would gather at the hall and peacefully listen to the Shaper's words. Unlike the humans Grendel did not appreciate them and did not like the motivation for the Shaper’s songs. Grendel thinks about how lonely he is and how the Shaper and Hrothgar must feel that was. Hrothgar has created this…show more content…
Hrothgar changed to essence of society with his leadership in place. “And the stars overhead were alive with the promise of Hrothgar’s vast power, his universal peace.”(44) Hrothgar accomplished this by finding favor with the people. He became rich with large numbers and provisions to accumulate a greater society. “New roads snaked out. New meadhalls gave tribute. His treasure hoard grew till his meadhall was piled to the rafters”(40) He penetrates all the surrounding areas, taking ver halls and clearing land and animals. This is a measure to prevent fighting other groups. They can all be one successful people together rather than wastefully squandering resources fighting. To achieve peace Hrothgar strategized to create a system that would work
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