Role Of Hallucinations In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Macbeth’s visions and hallucination’s play a role and contribute to the development of his character. Macbeth starts to see hallucinations the night he kills Duncan. The first thing he sees is a dagger floating in front of him. Once he sees the dagger he gets it and kills Duncan on his room. They make the guards get drunk so they could be able to get into Duncan’s room. After they kill him they blame the guards for his death. This hallucinations get worse as time passes. Macbeth starts seeing death body’s on his dinner table while having guessed over. Everyone sees Macbeth as someone crazy after that night. Macbeth’s wife tries to make things better while he talks to the ghost seating in his chair. All of this ghost that appear in front of Macbeth because they represent all the people that he has killed to get where he is now. Macbeth is where he is because he has killed a few people in order to take them out of the kingdom. But all of what he has done is…show more content…
After this Macbeth consults the witches for some advice. Macbeth believes more in the evil side than the good side and that’s one of the reasons why Macbeth has hallucinations. Macbeth has killed a lot of people throughout the story, but only a few of the people he killed make an appearance later in the story. This appearances make Macbeths character a lot different than when the story started. The guilt and anxieties he has because of the ghost he sees make Macbeth look like a crazy person. His conscious is not the same after he killed Duncan and Banquo. He needs courage to continue with his will to live. After time of him killing a lot of people, someone decides to do something about it. Macduff kills his wife for revenge on killing his family, Macbeth’s power ambition made him lose everything he had. He lost his wife his power in Scotland and he lost his own life because of
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