Role Of Heroism In Frankenstein

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Hero or Villain? (Discussing the story Frankenstein) There has been many questions about weather Frankenstein is a hero or if he is a monster that just caused trouble. When reading Mary Shellys Frankenstein we are told about a scientist that makes a monster out of body parts that he found in graves. Many people think that it's not worth reading but others see it as a true masterpiece. “The endurance of Frankenstein and its amplification to truly mythic status results from its articulating; "perhaps for the first time in Western literature, the most powerfully felt anxieties of pregnancy.”” (Lehman). Lehman explains what the start of the Frankenstein story. The question still lingers though is Frankenstein a hero or a villain? I think that Frankenstein is a villain because he didn’t know how the…show more content…
If you think about it there wasn’t much technology back then as show in the lightning bolt bringing him to life. Shelly introduced a whole new light when she wrote about “prototypical mad scientist...” (Hustis). Shelly showed us something that no one ever thought about if we could do this in real life we could possible save others. With this being brought up in the nineteenth century, we have come a long way since then. While reading Frankenstein there are many things that have negative correlations but there are some positive ones. “The Novel of Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, is undoubtedly, as a mere story, one of the most original and complete productions of the day” (Shelley). This novel is debated about being one of the best stories that has helped science, they introduced something no one thought of. A villain or a hero? He is a villain in some ways but a hero in others, a villain because he created something he couldn’t control and he knew it could go rough but a hero because the movement of
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