Role Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Most everyone has their own opinion of what an ideal hero is. Heros are definitely impactful in our lives, and play large roles in them. In my opinion, a hero is loyal, kind, and courageous person. I can only recognize a few people in my life who fall under all three of those categories, however while reading The Odyssey, Odysseus stood out significantly as a hero. Throughout the epic, he displayed countless acts of courage and bravery. He is a loyal man who is kind, which makes him a hero in my eyes. He is an incredible hero who can only be compared to a small amount of other heros. Odysseus is a magnificent hero who demonstrates his heroism through many acts of loyalty as the story goes on.
A hero is defined as a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. While this is what the book definition depicts a hero as, we all have a personal opinion or definition of what we believe one is. To many, a hero is the person who fixes a difficult situation. To others, it is a well respected adult or peer. In my opinion, a hero is a respectful person will three important traits, that is an all around good person, and that will always help you when necessary. The three important traits I believe a hero must possess
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He is extremely brave and most importantly, displays the most important trait of a hero, loyalty. Even when faced with temptation, Odysseus remains a loyal man which proves his heroism. Not only does Odysseus stand out as a hero for his heroic traits, I identify him as a hero because of his similarity to my mother. While reading the epic The Odyssey, Odysseus stood out to me greatly due to the fact that he is similar to my mother in many ways. Odysseus and his loyal and brave nature cause him to be recognized as a significant hero by many for his many acts of loyalty, kindness, and

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