Role Of Honor In American Culture

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“Duty, honor, country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be,” (MacArthur). General MacArthur gave this speech when he was accepting the Thayer Award for his service in the military. He was stating that honor should be our main focus when in doing what we want in our lives, and that we should strive for those goals. Honor is defined as high respect; esteem or a privilege. Honor has changed so much over time that it is completely different not only in our American culture, but any other culture in our world today. This broad topic can be only defined in the eye of the beholder. From century to century honor has changed from one meaning to a completely different one. In the time of Gladiators and great roman armies, warriors gained their honor on the battlefield risking their lives for the ones that they loved or what they believed in. Honor perceived during the old days was that your honor…show more content…
We link the word honor to power because of all those great accomplishments that person has completed in their lifetime. Such as an example is Abraham Lincoln. He abolished slavery, while he was the president. America views him as a very honorable man because until his assassination, he fought for what he believed and what he knew was right for all of America. We have even slapped a nickname to this great American, Honest Abe. A more modern day example of an honorable person is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was the one basketball player who shaped the game of basketball for the rest of our lives. He had 5 MVP awards. won 6 championships with the Bulls, two three-peats, and was selected to the all-star team 14 times! He brought honor upon himself because of all his great achievements and he is still admired to this day. Honor in our culture is people thinking very highly of you and having power, but our culture still has self perceived
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