Hotel Housekeeping Report

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Responsibilities of housekeeping within a hotel are: • To deliver high standards an outstanding customer service at all times. • Maintain and ensure all areas are clean and are kept to high standards created by the hotel and outside inspectors. • Ensure all bathrooms and hotel areas are serviced according to hotel policy • Housekeeping must keep up to date an relevant with hotel promotions, pricing specials, while ensuring bedroom sales are maximized • Report any maintenance issues as well as other possible hotel concerns immediately to the manager • Reset lighting to the current hotel standards • Complete all housekeeping tasks, flip mattresses, clean curtains and dust all aspects of the hotel room • Store all soiled and clean laundry in…show more content…
The departments that fall under Rooms Division manager are the Housekeeping and Front Office department. The Front Office provides the guests with first impression while the housekeeping provides the guests with lasting impressions. This is why it is vital for the Room Division Manager to attend weekly executive and sales meetings as well as the General Manager’s briefings with Front Office and Housekeeping. Not only is the Rooms Division Manager responsible to see to the comfort and safety of every guest that visits the hotel, he is also responsible to hire competent staff and make sure they are trained to care for the guests in the way that is expected. Rooms Division Manager- The position’s main duties include spot checking of hotel rooms to ensure hygiene and safety standards are always met, plan and authorize all leave schedules of staff, as well as control of expenses and budgets set. The Room Division manager must ensure that all guests receive constant, consistent hotel room and overall hotel satisfaction. This will ensure that guests return to the hotel in the future and eventually become loyal to the…show more content…
• Assists general manager with performance reviews with employees working below the Room Division Manager. It is solely the Rooms Division Managers responsibility to check rooms in order to fully verify the hotels standards are being met. This person will attend daily meetings with their supervisor, which is usually the general manager or a deputy manager, as well as assist with sales and marketing for the hotel. The day to day operations of the hotel rest squarely on the Rooms Division Managers shoulders (Butterworth, 2014). I have learnt that the position of Rooms Division Manager is one of utmost importance for a hotel. It includes a major portion of the functioning of the hotel. A Room Division Manager needs to possess strong management and leadership competencies to excellently perform in this position. Exceptional organizational and time management skills are important in this job position. Having superb interpersonal skills such as oral and written communications are key in the position of the Rooms Division Manager. The ideal person for this job will have a degree in hotel management or business, or several years of experience in the
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