Role Of Human Resources In Fast Food Industry

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2.0 Human resource in fast food industry Human resource management is refering to a process of managing the relationship between the organization and its employees. A major objective of human resource management is to make the interests of the organization and its employees coincide whenever possible. (Scarpello, Ledvinka, & J.Bergmann, 1995) Due to today's life style, people oftens used to rush for a meal, therefore alot of buinsess in fast food industries boost up. As fast food restaurants are fast-paced businesses, they need the support of human resource to manage functions such as recruitment, performance management and staying in compliance with employment and food-handling regulations. It's role and responsibilities range from the…show more content…
Indirect (Employee benefits) The restaurant staff, restaurant managers and full-time employees are entitled to a range of benefits and rewards. Hello Burger's has offered its employees a flexible work schedule and competitive salaries for management training, and performance evaluation of investment opportunities that encourage the growth of skills and earning power. It's a good way to earn extra income for anyone. Besides that, other benefits include giving free uniforms to employees and various discounts such as discounts for dining. Hello Burger's full-time employees are eligible for the compensation and benefits are enhanced as the Comprehensive Group Insurance Plan that offers medical and hospital facilities, dental and life insurance for employees. Additional benefits also include benefits such as paid leave of life, leisure and education assistance. Overall, the Hello Burger's program benefits designed to retain talented people who have a better performance in work and help Hello Burger's in achieving goals and objectives.

4.3.2 Non-financial
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To achieve this, Hello Burger’s will :
• Establish objectives and targets of workplace health and safety to support the original goals set, which was to eliminate all work-related illness and injury in the workplace.
• Consult and communicate with employees to allow employees the opportunity to participate in making decisions on a matter that will affect the health and safety at their workplace.
• CCTV installed in around the workplace of employment to avoid the problem of crime occurs. It is a way to ensure that employees work in safety.
• Provide a system that can offer information related to health and safety in the workplace that allows employees and customers easy to navigate.
• Train employees to work in a safe manner.
• Complying with the law is applied.
4.5 Employee and Labor relation
Labor relation is the formal structure that governs the interactions between an organization’s management and its unionized employees. Unions usually exist when the organization fails to satisfy its employees’ basic needs. The decision of employees to be represented by union can have large impact on the HR system by involving an influential third party in decision that were previously under the total discretion of

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