Human Right Education Essay

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Human Right Education: Role of Teacher

Dr. Geeta Hiranwar
L.A.D.& Smt. R. P. college for women
Shankar Nagar, Nagpur
The International Community has increasingly expressed consensus on the crucial contribution of Human Rights Education to the realization of human rights abuses and violent conflicts There are Provisions on Human Right Education within the school system which have been incorporated into many International instruments , including the Universal Declaration on human rights the International Covenant on the rights of the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, the UNESCO convention against Discrimination in education, and the Vienna Declaration and
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Human Right is an important component of Right to Education because it enables the education system to fulfil its fundamental aims of promoting the full development of the human personality and will develop the quality of education for all. The teachers should be aware of the rights of students and respect them subjects relevant for Human Right Education for various classes are social sciences, science, and languages. For class vi students in History subject topics on Buddhism, Jainism should be taught to inculcate Human Right Concept of religious freedom and religious tolerance class vii students ,Rights of indigenous dealing with regional cultures ,diversities can be introduced to cultural rights It can be concluded that it is the responsibility of the teachers in Human Right Education, to bring to the notice of other teachers, the Principal, the text book writers and the concerned govt authorities any aberrations in text books wrong messages about Human Right Education should be examined .Take efforts to correct human rights violations in the school, Conditions of Mutual respect should be prevailed in the dealings with parents, other staff and
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