Role Of Humanity In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Humanity is the sole quality that gives people individuality and morals and without it, there would be no hope for the human race because we would take what we want and not care about who gets hurt in the process. In the novel, Night, Elie Wiesel and his family are taken captive by SS officers and are then placed in concentration camps where they have to survive the unforgiving torment from the Nazis. Elie and his father become separated from Elie’s mother and sisters when they first arrive at Auschwitz and fight through bitter winter nights with little to no warmth, food, or water. Living in these conditions will undoubtedly change a person, and these experiences will not change them for the better. When placed in that position, people will…show more content…
If a group of people are stranded on an island for years, the group will start to turn on each other and will use each other to save themselves, no matter the cost. Desperation is the biggest reason for people committing inhumane acts because people will do anything when they are in a desperate situation. When staring into the soulless eyes of Death, most anyone will do whatever it takes to tear away from his gaze. People who have caught a glimpse of Death wish to never see his face again, for the sight is too terrifying to witness. These inhumane acts are inevitable in the death camps, it is even expected. When the prisoners in the death camps experience vile acts every day, they are bound to commit them as well, to ensure their survival. This is most expressed in chapter seven, where the son killed his father for a measly piece of bread, only to be killed by other prisoners who were just as starved. The prisoners needed to eat survive and the only way to eat at this time was to kill others to steal their food. This is not ethical or right, but it was the only thing that the prisoners could do to survive. It is surprising that Elie and his father did not succumb to these malicious acts because they also experienced terrible trauma. I believe that Elie and his father chose to not act in such cruel ways because they still had pieces of their humanity within their souls. Most of the prisoners were too far gone, but Elie and his father held on dear to their humanity because they would rather die as a human, than live as an animal. It is difficult to decide when it is acceptable to act in an inhumane way, but for the person in the situation, they only care about survival. Night, by Elie Wiesel has changed my way of thinking about humanity and how it is difficult to make the right decision while in a desperate situation. Elie and his father were able to hang on to their humanity because they
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