Hydrochloric Acid Research Paper

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The vital role of stomach acid
Chapter 14 section 1
Noopur Rajendra
Grade – 11AA
Ms. Sara Kassem
Sharjah American International School

Discuss the role of hydrochloric acid in the digestion of foods. Point out how excess acid contributes to the discomfort known as indigestion. Explain how the stomach secretes a mucous layer, which protects it from being damaged by the hydrochloric acid it produces.

Hydrochloric acid, which is also called HCl, is a highly corrosive acid. It is a strong mineral acid with many industrial uses. Hydrochloric acid is naturally found in the gastric juices of the stomach. The most important role of hydrochloric acid is to break down the foods and cause the release of enzymes that further
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It can strike anytime, but is most likely to occur shortly after eating. Indigestion can also cause nausea, bloating of the tummy, or feeling full quickly when you eat. The most common cause of indigestion is the excess stomach acid coming into contact with the sensitive, protective lining of the digestive system. This stomach acid can irritate the lining, the top part of your bowel (duodenum) or your gullet (esophagus).this results in soreness and swelling. If this acid refluxes into your gullet, it can cause heartburn which is a burning pain behind your breastbone. This heartburn sometimes comes with a bitter liquid rising into your mouth. A burning sensation is often caused by this painful irritation in the stomach. Indigestion may also be because the lining of your digestive system is overly sensitive to acid. There are also other factors that can cause indigestion such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stomach infections, ulcers, or an unhealthy and stressful life. (“Indigestion – Causes – NHS Choices,” n.d.) (“Indigestion – Causes and Symptoms | Rennie,” n.d.) (“Indigestion â�� should I worry? | Doctor Sarah Jarvis health blog | Patient,”…show more content…
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