Role Of Ict In Educational Administration

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Role of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in School Administration
In educational administration, the value of IT has become quickly developed because of its ability and competency. ICT major ambition was to add the ability of school office actions according to the introductory levels of its evolution. It was beneficial to stock student and group information. In past, the main function of ICT was upon data transfer or investigation but now a day it concentrates on data entry as well as examination. ICT performs a meaningful act in increasing the condition of education. Administration applications are presently famous in schools due to its effectiveness in promoting administrative activities from data repository to knowledge management. ICT has become necessary part of our everyday life; therefore, its assimilation in education cannot be avoided and ignored.
Review of Related Literature Internet is the introductory technology which is giving challenges to school administration. The culture of school is becoming un-important and technology is playing role of fighting against it and make deliberate assimilation of technology and school culture. In everyday life, it may be better to manage between culture and management in school system if we practiced technology in our routine works. Information is an effective and efficient system composed of teachers, student and material (curriculum and technology) argue Cohen and Ball (1999). Because ICT has

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