Role Of Ict In Public Administration

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There is mounting recognition among public administrator and scholars that capacity building in

ICT is at the center of administration of public. Similarity is the evidence to the human resource

management which is plays more strategies role in public service because human resource

management is powerfully impact on the policies, practices, and system influence for both

employee and member of public administration, attitudes and human behavior in adopting and

utilizing ICT in public service. ICT is evident that human capital, skills, and experience are

essential in putting ICT to good utilization. The question is that how those human capacities

should be developed and the important of ensuring the sustainability.

ICT decide
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1. Conceptual and Definitional Issues

1.1 Human Resource Management

The HRM is the function of an organization that focuses on the recruitment of management for

providing the direction to the people who work in the organization to deals with issues which

relate to people such as human resource planning, recruitment performance evaluation,

compensation management, training and development, welfare administration, healthy and safety

administration, discipline administration, employee motivation, graveness handling, performance

evaluation, organization development and labor relation. The effective HRM is unable to provide

employees contribution effectively and productively for the overall organization direction and

the accomplishment of the organizational goals and objectives.

Objective of the human resource management

1.2 Capacity building

Capacity building is the ability tool of individual, institutions, and society to perform function,

solve problem, and achieve goal in a sustainable manners. The capacity building is, therefore
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First the government of Pakistan has recognized ICT as an

independent tool within the public service this is geared and motivating in human resource to

pursue ICT related training. Second the government of Pakistan is in the process of establishing

an independent scheme of service to ICT skilled personnel that who will stipulate compensation

and accrued benefit taking into account the unique nature of the discipline.

3.5 Infusing ICT in Education

The aforesaid policies and programs of Pakistan in collaboration with other stakeholders have

been implementing a number of initiatives to infuse ICT in its education system processes and

procedures. A number of initiatives are currently being implemented and working to train the

teachers and administrators to provide refurnished or new computer to schools, society and

institutional to provide educational information, resource and services, to provide a subject

support to secondary teachers to pilot to use of the mobile phones in training teachers to deliver

Maths and science content, computerization and ICT trainings tutor program and technical

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