Role Of Ict In Tourism

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Today world is known to the age of communication and information. Information and communication technology, the key components of every industry, plays an important role in tourism development. IT enabled tourism is also termed as ‘e-tourism’. ICT is one of the most people friendly and environment friendly industries in modern times. Tourism industry is seeking more practical and satisfied chain solution from the innovation of ICT. Information and communication technology means the use of computer system and telecommunication equipment in information processing. ICT is a broad terminology referring to multiple communication technologies which range…show more content…
It is a multi-segment industry while gauging the positive economic effect of tourism, its contribution to the generation of national income, expansion of employment opportunities, increasing of taxes, revenue, and generation of foreign exchange and transformation of regiment economy. Tourism industry is a heterogeneous industry made of complex components. This intangible perishable service industry is getting the right business curve backed by information and communication technology now-a-day. IT enabled tourism has different aspect such as direct booking , easy payment for the end users, business to business trading for product providers, travel agents and resellers. ICT has become the key component of tourism. The best example of IT application in tourism is Automated Reservation System for Railways and Airlines. There exist IT solution for hotels, motels, hospitals, travel intermediaries, entertainment and tourism at par for streamlining business processes, improving customer relationship and ensuring efficient…show more content…
With rapid advancement in science and technology, tourism has acquired the status of an industry in all industrialized countries. Tourism has emerged as an industry next to information technology industry in the service sector. Information and communication technology played an outstanding role for the development of modern tourism. E-tourism is one of the most important sectors in eBusiness and eMarketing. ICT will also have a virtual tourism; action in the field of ICT for tourism is targeted at developing new components and distributed architecture for tourism information and communication systems, that supports users and businesses, by offering value added services and multimedia information on tourist destination. Eventually, this may also have a positive impact on the physical flow of tourists to the destinations. The technical assistance and the use of ICT are needed to help tourism organization as a sustainable

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