Role Of Identity In Things Fall Apart

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The patriarchal society of Igbo with the male power was an important aspect to form their identity. The male power is not only about physical abilities and strength but it is emerged as a social mode of identity as it is foreshadowed by Okonkwo. His “fame is rested on his solid personal achievements, as a young man of eighteen he had brought honor to his village by throwing Amalinze the Cat” (Things Fall Apart, p1).

Achebe writes Things Fall Apart to tell his countrymen that they can take advantages and benefits from the educational systems to make better their lives that missionaries brought with themselves. He also wanted and determined to take and put the modern African literature genre to greater place in order to show Europeans the value of the African culture. Throughout the novel, he describes the pre-colonial history of the Igbo. He does this by telling both the bad sides and good sides of his culture and that made them as African different from other western cultures. For instance, their religious practices and beliefs in their ancestral Gods, sacrifices of youths, the killing of twins and the exclusion and oppression of women

Beliefs and Judicial system as an important part of any communities is also discussed and shown in Thing Fall Apart. It explains the beliefs and judicial system of Igbo clan that are also part of their identity, before the arrival of Europeans. It is revealed that there is high sense of respect for the authorities and the elders of the

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