Role Of Indigenous People In Culture

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Introduction: Indigenous people carry the culture from the past time from the ancestors of any region. Now a days most of them are getting modernized and some are kept away to follow their own culture to exploit the local cultures of the region. Some indigenous tribes are following the culture, own living life styles in the society. Now in this paper I am going to present about indigenous people significant role in the society and how they are being represented in media and commercial context of tourism and entertainment industries. Indigenous people are represented in Media: Media, is an impersonal channel allowing a large diffusion and collect information’s, and it, whatever the medium: radio, books, press, television. Indigenous groups are still incredibly underrepresented in the media. Media that can include news and magazine, novels, radio broadcasts, television and films, brochure. Normally the stories are used to share the information and knowledge. Storytelling is significant role in indigenous cultures. Storytelling in indigenous culture was, and continues to be, a way to resist losing elements of their culture such as language, history and cosmology to assimilation (Iseke, 2013.) Indigenous storytelling can also be seen as an act of decolonization and resistance (Sium and Ritskes, 2013.) The indigenous people issues are covered in media. For example, in New Zealand, the tribe called Maori. The Maori people they created their own Maori Television(Channel). In
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