Global Environmental Issues

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The inequality between developed countries and developing countries is more significant than that within individual nations. Due to the difference in socio-economic development, developed countries have a greater control of resources and energy. Increase in precipitation led by global warming has altered the distribution and sharing of water resources over the globe, in other words, developing countries are often exploitated in the sharing and delivery of water resources (Gleick, 1992). Changing climates have worsened the issue of water shortage in the third world such as African cities. Similarly, other resources such as fossial fuels and food will be under influence of changing climates (Parry & Swaminathan, 1992).

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It is undeniable that the negative impacts of climate change are closely related to social and economic factors in a certain context. Climate change is a result of escalating global warming and urban activities. As climate change is induced and worsened by human activities, there is a need for human socieities to think about our role in the conservation of environment and the nature. While many businesses and developed countries put economic development as the core mission in policy making process, there is a need to take environmental considerations as a key criterion for sustainable development in the future. The above research has shown that climate change is not merely an environmental issue, but also a serious problem in social and economic dimensions. In the above, it is identified that developed countries such as China, Brazil and South Africa are relatively more vulnerable and less adaptive to extreme climate and natural hazards, so these countries should pay more attention on solving urban inequalities such as poverty, wealth gap and gender discrimination in the design of social ecosystem, healthcare services and education system. As for developed countries, it is important to balance the development of economy and environmental protection. Developed countries should also take the lead to reduce carbon emission, invent and promote green energy resources and increase the public awareness of environmental conservation. Then, inequalities related the climate change can be relieved. In order to provide a better environment for the future human generation, international leaders and governments should take combating climate change as the first and foremost principle for future

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