Role Of Innovation In Tourism

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In recent year, tourism industry has got significant change to adopt the development change in innovation and the use of new technologies. Generally innovation is a profitable market that introduce new product ,new services and improved the production process in efficient and effective way of implementing strategies such as marketing strategy, management strategy and communication strategy.
In the past few decades greats focus has been increased in tourism innovation. Tourism considers as a promising industries in the world, and an important factor for economic growth and competitiveness of tourism business (Mei et al, 2011). Furthermore, innovation play vital role to confront the future challenges in tourism and economy sectors. All over the world many businesses and destinations adopt innovation toward sustainable growth in tourism.
Tourism innovation growth is conceptual matters of innovation in tourism industry and how tourism business model transform innovation in their workplace. Tourism innovation can be improved over collaboration among tourism business, government, customer, local population and universities. What is more that innovation process in innovation and tourism growth are aimed to raise profitability ,quality and productivity as driver force of structure changing in tourism industry (OECD,2006).
Thus in this paper the researcher are going to adopt generic theories in innovation concept for that innovation definition will be obtained followed by innovation
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