Role Of International Tourism

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1. Introduction
International tourism has always been a financially, ethically, and sociologically strong industry.. As international tourism is mainly related to the worldwide visitors who like to go to the foreign destinations on diverse purposes, the impact of such system is pretty evident on the global economy, culture, hospitality sector, technological sector, and international relations throughout the globe. The system of the international tourism consists of various key components that guides it to the success. These components are diverse in nature but all of them have a significant effect in shaping the structure of international tourism system. Therefore, it is quite relevant to analyze the systems and the impact of international
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This article tries to critically analyze the roles of the skyscrapers as an impactful factor on the sector of international tourism. These buildings can be found in most of the cities across the world. There are only a few skyscrapers that attract the tourists and thus have a positive impact on the tourism sector of that region. But, most of these buildings creates an undesirable view for the tourists by diluting the scenic views of the skylines. This article tries to critically answer the question about whether or not these buildings are beneficial to the development of not only the urban tourism but the whole international tourism at a broader aspect. The writers have tried to establish that skyscrapers can be attractive for the tourists only if they are extremely tall or unique or have a special background…show more content…
The travel industry with the current impact on the global climate change has to be managed. International tourism heavily depends on the available means of transport in the area, and as much as the local authorities want to promote tourism, they feel the urge to develop sustainable travel plans that can aid and protect the tourism sector at the same time. Studies have revealed that the availability of the transportation system strengthens the base of international tourism. The locals benefit from the sector. But it is being noted that considering the sustainability of the communities, the travel sector has to be sustainable, with minimal impact on the climate. Global climate change has huge consequences, the same tourism sector that benefited the locals can suffer a blow if auto-mobility is not controlled and maintained at sustainable levels. The local tourism sector is an asset to the local economy which in turn effectively contributes to the financial and economic exposure of the international tourism. International tourism is closely related to the roles of local and regional economy. If the local economy sees a notable growth, then it is obvious that the whole international tourism sector will benefit from it. That is why, the system of international tourism puts stress on maintaining balance in the nature and the global climate, so that
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