Role Of Isolation In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the gothic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, was the main character Frankenstein, actually a monster or did he become a monster due to the treatment by society because of his appearance? The evidence may open your mind and heart because this may be a sadder story than scary. Through the use of torture, isolation, and the monster , Mary Shelley in Frankenstein reflects upon the individual never yet been able to satisfy, thus expressing the immense impact physical judgment has, even back in the late 1700s. In chapter 8 of our gothic novel takes place where victor and his family are in a courtroom. Attending as witnesses for their servant, and friend, Justine. William had been carrying a locket that was found on Justine so she is suspect.…show more content…
Isolation is used many times throughout our story. When victor gets scared away by the creature, Victor leaves him a good amount of time. The creature is left with nothing and no knowledge of who he is and what’s going on. The monster explains how he came to life completely disoriented. He didn’t know how to speak or understand language. He had to get used to his body and figure out basic concepts all by himself. He head to figure out hunger and thirst without anyone telling him. He has little run intos with folk in a village and some others. Them running way is the closest thing to social hes had. When he finds shelter it’s in a little cottage with a family. He sees how they are loved and he instantly knows he wants that. This is an example of how the creature is obviously very isolated and alone. In an article it states, “The Monster, on the other hand, is isolated for two reasons. First, Victor abandons him- this creates an isolation from the Monster’s “father”. Second, because of how the Monster appears outwardly, he is naturally isolated from society. That being said, the Monster thrives in isolation. He learns how to survive entirely on his own- he becomes stronger- a complete contrast to how Victor survives isolation. While complete isolation is not true here, he would be with the female monster, he is still removing himself from all of society in exchange for a mate. The Monster relishes isolation given what he learned previously from
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