Role Of Judiciary In The Judicial System

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“The judicial system is the most expensive machine ever invented for finding out what happened and what to do about it.” Irving Robert Kaufman, federal judge.
Judiciary also known as judicial system or court system that interprets and applies the law in the name of state is the third limb of criminal justice system after police and prosecution. In India judiciary is said to have played or have been playing a major role in imparting justice to the people and safeguarding their rights and liberties. Judicial system is the pillar of Indian democracy, which is under undesirable situation facing variety of internal and external problems which puts a question mark on the credibility and accountability of judiciary.
The major issue of concern for
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So I think judicial credibility can be enhanced when it is accountable and transparent. The Judiciary is independent in a sense that it is answerable to any one and not act arbitrarily and the chief justice of high court and supreme court should have the power to enforce discipline and to take some corrective or advisory measures against his colleagues whenever aberrations in their conduct came into notice as the provision of impeachment is also very difficult to implement. Further judicial standard and accountability bill which is pending need to be passed in order to became judiciary more…show more content…
and they deal those matters by rotation without having specialized knowledge in the field like they deal criminal first they tax law which affect the quality of justice and also need to be specialized and also better training should be given to the judges during appointment will work. Another issue of witness protection and offence of perjury has been a highlight of malimath committee report where they emphasized on rights of witness as it was guaranteed in USA and other countries for their protection from different threats and other process of turning hostile and also convenient for them to be a part of justice system, further process of taking action against perjury is also cumbersome and unsatisfactory and it need to be changed where judges can punish for the offence of perjury strictly according to section 8 of the act and also change in section 344 of CRPC should be made to punish perjury. Short term tenure of judges in apex court is an issue need to be considered where in short span of time they do not master the law and acquire maturity at the Supreme Court level because of retirement at the age of 65. Comparing to USA there is no retirement age

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