Role Of Katherine In Taming Of The Shrew

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The Taming of the Shrew is a well-known play by the famous William Shakespeare in which he created Katherine who is one of the main characters In the play to take on the role of a head strong and misunderstood women. Some of her qualities caused some readers to misdiagnose her with the qualities of being a shrew. The play showcases Katherine as the opposite of what a gentle lady was which was the ideal woman during their time period. Katherine married another lead character by the name Petruchio who’s main goal was to tame Katherine, so he does everything that he can until he believes that he has successfully trained her. Katherine deceives the people around her and the audience to think that she let her husband Petruchio tame her but really she was never truly tamed only acting as if she was to keep peace between them. To prove the comment stated above about Katherine pretending to be tamed viewers can find several claims in Act 4. Like when the audience noted that Katherine was being told to pretend to be tamed in Act 4 Scene 5. Hortensio told Katherine to “say what he wants or we’ll never go.” Pg.207 he was inferring that if she just agreed her problem would stop and they could move on. Hortensio was also encouraging Katherine to pretend to agree with Petruchio to help…show more content…
All she was seeking was love and affection. No one liked the way she acted or talked to the people around her. Petruchio tried to change Katherine, and although she respects him more, she is not tamed. The Audience and the other characters in the play where the ones who have been tricked. Katherine only acts as if she were tamed so that she can get what she wants. Katherine has now found a way to keep everyone happy and keep the peace in her home for everyone. With that all being said viewers can conclude knowing that Katherine knows exactly how to act to act to insure that everyone thinks she has changed but definitely has not been
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