Role Of Lack Of Freedom In Fahrenheit 451

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This essay will include the following questions. How has having freedom taken away changed the way people interact? How has lack of freedom changed the way people make decisions? How has lack of freedom changed the way people think? In Fahrenheit 451, the government basically Controls wan at the people watch, read, and discuss. They have blocked so much from the people that no one knows what's really going on in its day and age. People in real like get most of their knowledge and understanding from novels, newspapers, and etc. Since in the novel the government has burned and taken those away, society had nothing to base their knowledge and ideas off of. Since they have no knowledge kids in that age do chaotic things like race with their cars, mailbox smashing, pumpkin tossing, and some kill one another.…show more content…
In their society they have become shallow, indifferent, and conforming. In Fahrenheit 451, the only real way of achieving a real and meaningful engagement with the world was by being uncomfortable or to live through things that are awkward. With these Laws and the lack of engagement that the government enforces, the only was to distract themselves is by watching a lot more tv and overdosing on sleeping pills to suck them in to
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