Role Of Language Education In 21st Century

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Revolution in Language Education in 21st Century

What is education? Many people have wondered on what can be defined as education, why it is important, and how we conduct an education. Education is interpreted and defined differently by many people. A philosopher Allan Bloom (2014) stated that “Education is a movement from dark to light”.
By its own sense, education should provide the learners way to adapt, to survive and to live their lives on earth based on the righteous principles. The world is keep growing and developing. Surely education basically should have followed the changing route of the world. Jean Piaget believed that education should create a generation that capable of creating new things, not simply repeating the previous generation.
In 21st century, the development has been grown rapidly from many aspects such as technology and information. Perception and how people see and conduct have been adjusted to the change. Rich (2010) believed that in this century, there are skills that required by people to survive. The skills are collaborative, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving that advocates believe education should provide help to people with developing these skills to thrive in this world. This automatically calls education as tool for human survival to change and improve. There are several drives behind the need to improve and change such as recent global issues, the role of Indonesia in the world, and the development of Information

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