Role Of Language In Advertising In Literature

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In the present world of mass media we are surrounded with advertisements all the time. Whether we watch T.V., read newspaper, magazine …etc or on our way to school, college or office we came across many advertisements of different shape and sizes and in one way or the other our attention is diverted towards them. Advertisements have become an important part of our daily lives and it is impossible for us to neglect the importance of advertisements.
In present day life, different types of advertisements attack our privacy but in fact it’s an attractive power which can control a consumer. The voice of advertisements can guide, encourage, asks, announces and deeply inserted into people’s mind.
Media talk is multidisciplinary which covers the terms of ethnography of correspondence, conversational investigation, social studies, and discriminating talk examination etc. Media supplant every more seasoned asset of learning and data and comprehension of world. Part of media is exceptionally clear in constituting individuals ' acknowledgment of world, developing substances,
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In advertising language, language and thought are associated. It manages exciting interest and speaking to yearnings in the readers mind. The objective of advertising is to pick up and to persuade readers. Language in advertising is dissimilar to language in Literature. In literature author makes sentiments through words and reader can feel while perusing. In publicizing author composes for reader. Impression from publicizing is made by readers not by author. Besides language in advertising may need to break the standards of sentence structure. It can be seen regularly in advertising messages that sentence structure is ignored and it has a tendency to concentrate on word play and talk (May, 1995, Tipper, Hollingworth & Hotchkiss,

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