Role Of Language In Balchistan

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A system of communication used by a particular country or community.
Language is the only media by which one can express his ideas and feelings. It plays a vital role in building the character of an individual as well as a nation. Languages bring people closer to each other and creates a sense of harmony among them.
The balochi speaking areas extend outside the boarders of Pakistan into Iran and Afghanistan. Not only balochi speaking people are called balochi but the people who speak brahvi and siraiki speaking tribes such as jamalis are also called balochi.
Balochi language:
The arid region of Baluchistan, situated at the eastern end of the Iranian plateau, is split almost evenly between Pakistan’s Baluchistan province and Iran’s Sis tan-Baluchistan province (a small portion of the southern parts of Afghanistan’s Nimrud, Helmand, and Kandahar provinces are also part of Baluchistan). Balochi is the principal language of Baluchistan. There are several other minor languages which are spoken at the ethnic boarders of united Baluchistan some of them are , Pashto, brahvi, sindi, saraiki etc . The speakers of minor languages are bilingual. Persian and English were used as official languages in western Baluchistan. (Iran-Afghanistan) . There are movements which are held for the promotion of these indigenous languages, in the domain of power in Baluchistan .the main language movement is balochi language movement , And efforts to promote brahvi are included

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