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Introduction: Before the education of nurses took place in institutions of third level, nursing evolved into a practice that included teaching and demonstrating healthcare actions to patients, their families, other healthcare workers and the community at a large. (REF). Learning is the process of transforming experiences into knowledge, skills and attitudes, values and feelings. (REF). There are various learning theories that give insight into how a person learns. (REF). Teaching can be defined as enabling a person to acquire or learn a knowledge or skill. (REF). Everyone has a different style of learning which enables them to learn information more efficiently. There are many types of learning theories, but some include humanist, cognitive,…show more content…
A preceptor is a teacher, but the role of a nurse preceptor goes beyond the traditional definition. The nurse preceptory serves the dual role of practitioner and educator, the responsibility of precepting falls in between teaching and mentoring. (REF). In the clinical area the staff nurse must have completed the preceptorship course in order to be a preceptor, it is their responsibility to guide and direct the students learning during the clinical placement. (REF). Students/learners watch the behaviour of their preceptor being modelled, so when the learner gets the opportunity they can reproduce that behaviour in their clinical area and receive feedback. Feedback is critical as it shows the students how they well they performed the skill, or if they need to improve their skills.…show more content…
spontaneity, the importance of emotions and feelings, the right of individuals to make their own choice and the human creativity are the cornerstones of a humanistic approach to learning. (REF). This theory is centred on the relationship between the teacher and the student and how each learner should be considered as an individual. (REF). An example which underpins this theory is WRAP, wellness action recovery plan, WRAP is seen a lot in the mental health setting, it is a self-designed prevention process that anyone can use to get well, stay well and make their life the way they want it to be. (REF). In clinical practice the nurse must ensure the group attending the course must consist of different learning styles for it to work effectively.

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