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Teacher education is foundation of good education for students. For giving good education to child, the role of teacher is important. A teacher should not only be a knowledgeable person but he should be trained enough to teach students. Teaching is an art to educate the students which can be enhanced by training. It implies there has to be training programme for teachers so as to make them competent enough to impart education. Curriculum of teacher education involves foundational knowledge in education- related aspects of philosophy of education, history of education, educational psychology and sociology of education. It also includes skills in assessing student learning, supporting English learners and using technology to improve
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7) Language games usually involve friendly competition and they keep students interested in learning the language.
8) Games help the children to learn and memorize new words easily and retain them for a long time.
9) Games make learning fun. So the children are willing participants not forcefully sitting passive participates.
10) Playing a game has a purpose to it, an outcome, and in order to play students have to say things, they have a reason to communicate rather than just repeat things back mindlessly. Therefore they want to know and learn more.
11) Students get to use the language all the time during the games.
12) Games involve a lot of repetition, and repetition is the mother of skill, it can be boring, but because of the language games, it is fun.
13) The games lend themselves perfectly to quick bursts of revision. Using some of the games, the students can gain a massive amount of vocabulary and grammar in a very little time.
14) The language games incorporate the psychological principles of encouragement and motivation. It allows all the students to gain
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