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Imperial Languages and the Panorama of World Literature Abstract World literature and world languages are something that concerns our spirit, it is not something meant for specialist, and it is something that affects our soul. First let us begin with world literature, is there a world literature to which the answer is obviously, there is. Is there a world literature and that depends much on the languages in which it is translated? Is there a world with its own national literature? Yes it is, do we know all about them, we don’t, and the reason we don’t is because very little is actually translated from most of the cultures and languages of the world in to the major languages that exist now, which is of course the dominant imperial language today as English spoken different parts of the world than any other languages. So what is this is creating in essence a cultural conformity and uniformity that is quite damaging to world literature…show more content…
The primary aim of translation is to convey the message or the meaning of the original text and why does the need for translation arise? The need for translation arises when people want to read material/texts written in a language they do not know. We also need translation when a writer wishes to communicate with readers of another language. I developed the analytical and critical skills to begin to view translation as something more than the semantic and syntactic transfer from one language to another. This analysis explores the role of translation in the production and manipulation of identities in the contemporary imperial structure underscoring the instrumentality of borders with reference to dominant constructions of identity and in connection with questions of language, race, and citizenship, I argue that translation not only functions as an agent of hegemonic superiority and oppression, but also as a locus of plurivocity and

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