Role Of Mass Media In Mass Communication

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There are different understanding of mass communication processes involving the sharing of information from various sources using the media devoted to the public. Mass communication groups involved are:
Presenters in mass communication as an important element of mass communication is the mass media. Presenter is the person who produced the message and the information provided by various individuals who produce the message content. Examples presenters including singer, songwriter, screenwriter, animator, journalist, presenter and media practitioners.
A message
Media that do the processing, storing, transmitting ideas, symbols, symbols of a message in the decision to come to an agreement with each other to process the message that the source of information. Not very structured and mass communication received by the audience and contains information such as short stories, novels, films, television shows, news, newspaper advertisements, billboards or website. In terms of journalistic communication is an integral part of the system. A variety of attitudes and behaviors that journalists should follow the system that has been created in the channels of mass communication.
Mass media
The mass media is the medium that contains, save and send the message. It also includes institutions that use such intermediaries for distributing messages. People involved in this communication have their own initiative during communication without certain conditions as set out in mass
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