Role Of Mass Media In Nigeria

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2.1.5 The Use of Mass Media in the Diversification of Nigeria Economy/ Agricultural development
The mass media have a role to play in the initiation and adoption of ideas that can trigger development. This is because an innovation must be first initiated before it can be adopted. Mass media effect can influence, persuade, educate or sensitize people to intended or unintended effects/actions in the context of diversification of Nigeria economy. The journalists’ job via mass media channels is not specifically to be the public relations tool of development organisations or ministries of economics, agriculture but to find and tell good stories and if people donot understand that distinction, they are never going to be satisfied with what journalists
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Diffusion of innovation.
3. Socialization of societal norms.
4. Institutions and cultural adaptations and changes.
2.1.6 Mass Media Tools and Strategies for Agricultural Development
According to the researcher, mass media tools are instruments- specific devices, channels or product- that carries a communication message to a target group. Mass media tools come in a wide variety of forms, each with their unique strength and characteristics-radio, television, newspapers and internet. The strategies imply the technique or method in which a particular tool can be used. Mass media strategies in this study include news, programmes, features, opinion, commentary, talk shows, vox pop and graphics.
In a study conducted by Nwanko and Orji (2012), the duo observe that the use of mass media in agricultural development has become necessary, because the mass media messages reinforce previously known agricultural technologies, bring credibility to already known ones and reach different strata of the society at the same time. It will be important for this section of study to examine some mass media tools, strategies and usage
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Radio is a means for development communication. Choudhry (2011) explains that, radio from its inception played an important role in development communication. This is mainly to the advantage of reaching a large number of people from different sections of the society- universities and other educational institutes, especially agricultural universities, extension network, government, farmers, policy makers and other stakeholders. Nigerian radios e.g. the voice of Nigeria; FRCN has been the forerunner in the process of implementing communication strategy adopted by the government. Nigeria has about 5,000 radio houses and over 100 million Nigerians listen to radio (Sonye, 2011). Radio is accessible and affordable, easily understood and accepted (Tonye,

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