Role Of Mass Media In Shaping People Idea

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What is the role of mass media play in shaping people idea? Nowadays mass media like internet, radio, newspaper and so on are surrounded every people on the earth. People can easily obtain mass media wherever they are such as on the street, on the train, in their house and so on. Thus people used to use mass media to get the latest information and news. This may lead to people trust what mass media say without thinking true or false. In conclusion mass media has slowly shaping people idea. In the past before mass media created, the human society get information from other people, and the information they get are always not up to dated. However after mass media been created, human society can get the latest information from all around the world. This shown obviously that mass media has play an important role in shaping people idea in this globalisation generation. Mass media can be defined as a public communication that deliver or reach information to human society. It is important to find out how important role mass media in shaping people idea because most of the people are exposed to mass media in their daily lives. This essay will discuss the reason of mass media shaping people idea.
First of all, the reason of mass media has an important role in shaping people idea is people trust whatever information given by mass media. People nowadays live in a generation that depend on information and communication from mass media to make correct decision and do their daily

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