Role Of Media In Academic Life

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Media has been always an important aspect in our lives even when it was not as developed as it is today, and it plays a crucial role in our social and academic life. According to the information and the news that media produce to us every day, it has made many changes in our life. Thanks to those news and information, media has given us the chance to give our views; developing our knowledge, it gave us the chance of changing our minds, and also the opportunity to communicate with different population from overall the world. The new technological devices took a big part in developing and increasing communication among people. The concept of media was always creating problems in the world and people think that has more negative effects than the positives one, but we cannot ignore that it has changed our life and it has an importance part in society. The media is a source of data and information which contain; newspaper, television, magazines, internet, books, and radio. These tools can be used to facilitate the communication process and its progress contributed to change the world that we live in today and turn it into a world of information and technology.Without the media our life is not complete because from it we get much information that helps us in our social life. The news that is producing by the media is very satisfied and it pleased the audiences and they rely on what the media produce. Thus, the media has to be very careful of what they are publishing or saying
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